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Garnett and Alvin

Look at these sweet piggies! Absolutely great with adults and kids alike! And they love cats too.


These two are currently up for adoption here at the sanctuary. Garnett is the mother (black piggie)  and Alvin (Red / tan piggie) She is now spayed and he is neutered and they are both vaccinated.

When we got them, the mama was so extremely skinny, having 5 babies in a horrible situation where it was so muddy. We got her to a nice healthy weight over time. She is very bonded to her little boy, so they need to be adopted together.
It took them a little while to really trust people, but now they are very social & loving all the attention they can get! 
The mama is 2 years old & baby is 1 year old.
If you are interested in coming to meet these two sweethearts, please message us and we can set up a time for you to come meet them.

They would make a great addition to your family!

Alvin & Garnett.jpg
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