This is Oliver, a silver neutered male who is 7 years old. Oliver has been with me for about 5 years. He was a very bad abuse case. The owners had a pit bull get in his little pen and ripped him up. The owners of the pig called Animal control on the dog and they were told they better get vet help for the pig which they did not. Someone contacted me that the pig had gone 11 days with no care. I went out with the sherrif and the pig was in a small pen full of water, an electric cord running through the pen and soaked sour corn for the pig to eat. He had about 500 flies all over him and maggots. He had wounds all over him. I got custody of the pig and Oliver was well on his way to a much better life. He was neutered and his wounds all healed up. He is a very happy pig now. Charges were never brought against the people which I really pushed for.

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