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Noah's Ark PotBelly Pig Sanctuary seeks to create a safe haven for the 60+ pigs we have in our care.

Our mission is to provide an open herd sanctuary in a natural environment. Although our hope was to save as many abused and abandoned pigs as possible our reality is we are only a few and can no longer take in any additional pigs.  We are here to provide protection and care to the remaining herd that is with us now.  With the growing epidemic of abandoned pigs brought on by breeders and the myth of micro and mini tea cup pigs the need is beyond our abilities.

If you have a pig in your possession and need assistance please visit the Pig Advocate League (PAL) website at and locate pig rescues in your area who might have space available or know of families looking to adopt a pig.

We do welcome visitors and encourage you to come and visit our sanctuary.  Please contact us to set up a time to meet our wonderful residents @

Pig of the week




Stefan and Renae came to me in a wire crate left out by my front gate. There was no bottom in the cage so my daughter another friend put a board under it to be able to carry them to some shade. Both of them were limping from the cage having no bottom.  They have eaten well and seem to have adjusted quite well. They are spayed and neutered and their surgeries went well. It has almost been a week but I think they are ready for new homes. If you are interested please contact me at

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